In 2005 one of the best salsa performer of Latin America, CQ Plam, was invited to Siberia as a musical director, to a Novosibirsk ‘Havana Club’. And the way it usually happens with the miracle of one’s talent – his one grew over the size of one project only. The great journey of conquering Cuba, Peru, Spain, Switzerland and Mexico continued with Siberia at last. CQ became a number one guest at the numerous valuable events and concert halls. And of course his gift was accompanied by other Siberian notable music minds. Those were artists of different genres: jazz, pop, rock – touring artists from all over the world. Her majesty fait was kind enough to have run CQ with a few bright stars of Novosibirsk jazz scene (Aleksei Pystin – keyboard, Dmitry Shvetsov – drums, Yuri Vasealyev – bass) in one of those big shows – they once all accompanied one of the greatest dancers of Cuba – the ‘Ballet Television Cubana’ soloist Michel Martinez. From the first note the musicians realized why they were sent each other’s way – the ‘right moment’ finally happened. The artists simply couldn’t leave everything as it was after one gig together. And so a hot band in the very heart of cold Siberia, contagious in its bright artistry, was born.
Aleksei Pystin – keyboard, Dmitry Shvetsov – drums, Yuri Vasealyev – bass
The musicians have been playing together since 1997, having created over 20 original jazz programs over the time. They are constantly participating in the most interesting music festivals of Russian and international scene. “HJ Project” are ‘Coffee Jazz’ headliners (Almata, Kazakhstan, 2015), ‘Voice of Petrojazz’ finalists (Saint-Petersburg, 2016). They have shared the stage with the Count Basie Orchestra soloists – Dennis Rowland, Carmen Bradford and Jamie Davis, Bobby Harden (The Original Blues Brothers Band soloist), the winner of the ’95 acid-jazz top-chart – Ray Gaskins, Duke Ellington & Tito Puente orchestras soloist – trombonist Chris Washborn, Nikki Harris (the singer has been sharing the stage with Madonna as her back vocalist for 16 years), Mike Stern’s & Richard Bona’s drummer – Lionel Cordew, 2006 Grammy nominant guitarist JC Smith, Paulette McWilliams (Quincy Jones Orchestra soloist) and so many others on the list. English Gathered up in 1997 for the first time, these guys have been creating music together for 20 years now. Beloved jazz standards, original arrangements and whole new jazz-flavored pieces – more than 20 concert programs all in all to be brought up to life. They are headliners of the festival “Coffee Jazz” (Almaty, Kazakhstan 2015), finalists of festival “the voice of Petrojazz” (St. Petersburg 2016). Throughout the times Aleksei Pystin, Dmitry Shvetsov, Yuriy Vaseelyev, CQ Plam got to share the opportunity of being in the spot of making the music with such bright souls as Carmen Bradford, Dennis Rowland and Jamie Davis (Count Basie Orchestra), Bobby Harden (The Original Blues Brothers Band), Ray Gaskins(Roy Ayers Band), Paulette McWilliams (Quincy Jones Orchestra), Nikki Harris, Ada Dyer, Lionel Cordew, and many more…